Friday, January 29, 2010

Dumm Freaking System

WTH?? Airasia cannot find my name in the boarding list??
They ask me to go freakin' check on my booking number or something!? My Name is not in the system?? WHAT? And yet their LCCT Wi-Fi is so damn slow!??
I freakin' wasted my $$ on the CC to just get Internet service and check on my booking number...
They actually charged me RM25 for half freaking hour!! Even I just use for like 10minutes also have to pay for RM25!!? What is this??

And know what??
I lost my CAPDASE iPod touch cover... I just can't find it!?

I am totally pissed off with all these bad things happened on me. What a bad day!
I totally believe in bad things come after all those good things. After last night of happy happy gathering all...


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally over!!!

Oh my.... It is finally freaking over!!!
This crazy exam!!!
Freaking mad!!!
First I'm totally blur about what I'm learning throughout the semester. All the last minute work is crazy!!!

But anyhow, it was quite productive though. Squeezing knowledges in hours... Do all the tutorials...

The urge of study still cannot get outta my mind now. I still keep thinking of studying from time to time. WTH??

And, the after exam program is insane!
First is the superb Serdang steambot buffet! One of the best steambot buffet in KL! (for those who don't think it is not nice... You better go figure out what's wrong with your freaking taste!)
After that is the one and only Klang Bah Kut Teh!
8 of us went. The best MaoSanGao was closed. All of us were soooo disappointed! That's the must try man!

This is like the one last time all of us gather together as hostel mate. Everyone was appreciating this gathering we had. Everyone is leaving already... Some work... Some go UK... macam macam la... Pattern betul...

Finally it is all freaking over!!!
I can head back to my sweetest home now...
I miss KK so much!!! I miss my family!

I'm waiting for my flight back to my hometown now!

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